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Our philosophy in a nutshell: we fill every demanding vacancy within a company with the most suitable candidate –– with passion and perseverance.

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As tried and true Executive Search specialists, we seek and acquire skilled workers and managers on behalf of companies and organizations and place them in key positions within management.

Our strengths as experienced headhunters are national and international recruiting and approaching of candidates on the highest level. Thanks to our watchful eye, a well-established network and many years of proven experience, we know the market and find suitable employees, the best top managers or future board members.

With few exceptions, we exclusively operate on a mandate basis; meaning on behalf of a company or an organization. We work in any and all fields and familiarize ourselves with all business sectors. We are a small but powerful company. This allows us to cater to our customers’ individual, specific needs without prices skyrocketing.

When it comes to our salary, we stay true to our values as well. Our prices are fair and based on the complexity of the search –– after a thorough briefing. Our salary is not commensurate with the salary of the person being headhunted.