Executive Search

Executive Search is based on trust. It is a profession, which calls for the highest precision, customized attention to the mandate, and discretion. Each search is unique, even when the roles are the same. This is why we personally guide each mandate from start to finish. Thanks to our reliable search strategy (direct contact/job ad placement), we reach suitable candidates for our clients. This is guaranteed by means of a highly professional and efficient search process where all information is concentrated and evaluated in a single location.

Staffing Services

We support you, customized and tailored to your needs ­­– also in subsections of the recruitment process. Depending on the subsection (research in the job market, for example), staffing services can include a reliable job ad placement, contacting, pooling, active sourcing, market mapping, candidate mining, recruitment process outsourcing. There are no limits with us.


Ideally, the most suitable candidate is tested in an assessment, which further evaluates if he or she is ideal for the role. We plan and organize the entire assessment phase for you, or we train and coach you in order for you to be able conduct the assessment yourself. Our assessments are based on a scientific methodology and modern tools (master value people). Of course, common sense and our expertise in evaluating people are not forgotten during this process. In this context, we also offer interview trainings for managers or your HR department and advise you in all questions related to HR.